January 2022 Library Show

Exploring the Liminal: Where Nature & Imagination Collide

In my work I attempt to capture visually, the liminal state where the objective, natural world meets and interacts with the subjective, internal world of the imagination.

At this stage, my work reflects my beginnings in communicating visually, my journey into a sense of “other-ness”.

In my works Strange Angles (in eight parts) and Strange Angles 2 (in two parts), I was influenced by a short story written by Frank Belknap Long, The Hounds of Tindalos (1929), where angles are presented as doorways   into a different state of being, contrasted with our natural world. It was from there that my work Catalpa Man (triptych) evolved, with the third panel showing that these beings can reach self-enlightenment. Contrasted with this, is an older work (Self)-Creation that shows where Nature has influenced my imagination as much as early 20th century horror fiction.

It is not that horror – whether from fiction or personal experience (Life Interrupted: Tragedy) – has created the world I live in, but its influence can be seen, and hopefully felt in my work.

It is my hope that these paintings can express a story in how I experience the world around me.

Domestic Abuse Survivor
Breast Cancer Survivor

The Left Wall of show
Uprooted – Oil on canvas; 36″x36″ $600
(Self)-Creation – Oil on canvas 14″x11″; In private collection
Life Interrupted – Tragedy – Acrylic & wire on canvas 16″x12″; $200
Cthulhu’s Touch – Oil on canvas 16″x12″; $175
Incubation – Oil on canvas 14″x11″; $175
Experimental (Nature Reclaims) – Mixed media 24″x36″; $400
Fire Trees – Oil on canvas 12″x16″; $175
Abscence (The Tyranny of Compassion) – Acrylic on canvas 16″x20″; $200

Passionate Landscape – Acrylic on canvas 16″x20″; $200

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For purchase inquiries, please contact me at Judith.m.winner@gmail.com

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